Objective Waypoint System

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Objective Waypoint System that finds the shortest path to the Objective Actor

Objective Waypoint System offers you two different modes.

Spawn Mode:
Spawn Mode lets you spawn Waypoint Actors from Character location to Objective Actor. You can define how many meshes to spawn and the distance between each mesh.

Spline Mode:
Spline Mode lets you draw a Spline from Character location to Objective Actor.

Both Modes support constant update at given intervals as you move the character and the Waypoint System will always try to find the shortest path from Character to Objective Actor. You can also set the Waypoint System to specific Navigation Query Classes.

*Waypoint Actor Component
*Custom Enum to select between 2 Waypoint modes
*Objective Actor
*Waypoint Actor

*Example Maze Level
*Tileable Mask Texture

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