Vehicle Soccer Template

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Vehicle Soccer Template is a 100% Blueprint powered template designed to help you learn and get you started in making multiplayer vehicle soccer games. All Blueprints are fully commented so you can easily edit and add new features as you see fit. This template supports LAN play with 1v1 to 5v5 players and includes hosting a new server, server list and lobby where all players are connected before moving to the main game. 

• Multiplayer: 1 vs 1 - 5 vs 5 
• Countdown timer 
• Overtime 
• Lobby system 
• LAN 
• Scoreboard 
• Jumping/Handbrake 
• Boost 
• Ability to toggle ball cam 
• In-Game Tv Screen that show live gameplay 
• In-Game chat system

Technical Details

• Ball Blueprint 
• Vehicle Blueprint 
• Goalpost Blueprint 
• Vehicle Boost Blueprint 
• Various Widget Blueprints for Mainmenu, Lobby, Pausemenu, PlayerHUD etc. 
• Score screen that shows players with the number of goals they scored 
• Widget Component with team color that will hover on top of players 

• Post process material for highlighting ball 

• Overview 
• Main Menu 
• Lobby 

•Tillable Mask Grid Texture 

Download Demo Game:

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